Rolls Royce is reportedly looking to expand its operations in India and has already added its fifth engineering marvel – Wraith for Indian customers, priced at Rs 4.6 crore. Besides, the company is also expected to sign off this year with five dealerships across the nation. As of now, Rolls Royce has three outlets in India, which is highest in any country in South and Southeast Asia.

The British automobile firm has sold more than 200 units ever since it started its operations in India way back in 2005. The company has another reason to cheer as there has been rise in the number of high net worth individuals in India.

General Manager for emerging markets – Asia, Rolls-Royce Motor cars Herfried Hasenoehrl said, “Every year, we analyze and set a target for any market. For India, I can say that we are on the target for 2013 as well. For us, the target group is unique and niche. We are not in the volume game.”

The company is oozing confidence even at a time when the Indian economy is not passing though a decent phase and it’s still drawing optimism from the success, it has achieved in the past.

Herfried Hasenoehrl says, “In the last few decades India has been through a few tests. This is just another phase. We are looking at a very short time frame. For Rolls Royce as a manufacturer, we look at the market on a long-term basis and continue to add at least one new product and one new dealership. So, for us fortunately this impact is not there.”

The company said that it received better than expected response to its newly launched Wraith. “In times like these, customers are not cautious but more decisive as to what they really want. The desire for our products is exactly in right area what they wanted to have,” Hasenoehrl said.