It is not only unfortunate but also disappointing that Rahul Gandhi believes that the backwardness of the Muslim community is due to the RSS supporting officers in administration. He accused such officials of being communal and tried to prove that they are pawns in the hands of RSS. It is only for Rahul Gandhi to explain the basis on which he made such allegations while speaking to the editors of Urdu newspapers. The RSS in any case does not look capable enough to plant such officials in the administrative machinery. The reason cited by Rahul Gandhi for his statement is rather absurd. He says that the Muslims acquitted by the court in the Maleagon blast are still being looked with suspicion by officials holding religious dogma. Is it then that the Court and the laws are toothless? It is interesting to note that the Congress is in power in Maharashtra and that it was during their regime that Muslim youth were accused of blasts in Malegaon. Do we then agree that the pawns of the RSS also exist in Maharashtra administration and that the state’s Congress government is helpless in nabbing such people? If this was true then why didn’t they raise the issue in the Parliament and bring it to the notice of the government? Why wasn’t there any public statement made by the Congress?

What is the reason behind raising such an issue in front of the editors of Urdu newspapers? Was it done to polarise the Muslim Community? The strategy being adopted by the Congress to woo the Muslims might boomerang as this will lead to polarization among other communities. Rahul Gandhi while speaking to the Editors also revealed that the protest of Anna Hazare was backed by RSS. According to Rahul, RSS supported Anna Hazare because some of their activists were named in bomb blasts in the country. The Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh is known to make such comments but this is for the first time that Rahul Gandhi is speaking in the same tone. There is nothing more disappointing than Rahul’s statement that the agitation of Anna Hazare was a conspiracy. Rahul Gandhi had suggested Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to ignore Anna’s agitation. Is it because of these reasons that circumstances were deliberately created so that the Lokpal Bill does not get passed in the Parliament? No matter what the Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi thinks but his statement has certainly disappointed the people specially the youngsters as such a comment from him was totally unwarranted.