Surat: Ignoring sharp criticism he drew for wasting litres of water in drought-hit Maharashtra, controversial godman Asaram Bapu wasted thousands of litres of water again for playing Holi with his followers and this time in Gujarat.

Overruling all warnings and water crisis, the self-styled godman was seen spraying coloured water using a hydraulic pump on thousands of his devotees at Jahangirpura Ashram in water-parched Gujarat to celebrate Holi.

Despite the fact that he was in the thick of controversy recently for wasting gallons of water in Nagpur during pre-Holi celebrations at a time when the state is facing its worst-ever drought, Asaram boasted about his 'artificial rain' saying he could bring the rains to drought-hit regions because God was his friend.

Asaram, who was in Surat for playing Holi with his devotees lashed out at the media for criticizing him for wasting water. "I sprayed a small quantity of water on my devotees who came here out of devotion, and the media created a fuss," he was quoted as saying.

It must be recalled that Asaram had drawn flak for wasting litres of water during his pre-Holi celebrations in Nagpur and Mumbai. Unhappy with the criticism, Asaram's followers had attacked the media persons and damaging their video cameras.


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