"The BJP is trying to maintain a brave face. It claims that India is the fastest growing major economy of the world but it seems to have lost its credibility as the numbers are not looking good and are telling a disjointed story," the party said in a commentary.

Insisting that it is time to cut through the hype and look at some of the numbers which need careful consideration, it said if one chose to look at the Sensex as a 'scoreboard' for the economy, it tells a very interesting story.

"A year ago, on February 23, 2015, the Sensex stood at 28,975, while it has now slipped to 23,536 on February 23, 2016, when reports last came in. The Sensex has shed about 5,500 points in the last one year, which is roughly close to 20 percent," the commentary posted on its website said.

The party underlined that it would be important to note that the Sensex lost a little ground in the month before the first Budget was presented. In July 2014 (first budget of Modi Government), the Sensex was down by 211 points.

Besides, it noted that the BJP and its leadership had made the value of the rupee an election issue during the last Lok Sabha elections.

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