New Delhi: While the top brains of the country have created waves on the international scenario, it seems virtually impossible to believe that a Union Government agency is struggling to create a simple website for the past five months. Ironically, this delay has been in an issue related to Lokpal Bill which has been the most debated topic in the country for over six months.

Even though the Union Government had set a stipulated deadline for the creation of a website to seek public feedback on the Lokpal Bill, the concerned agency after a hiatus of five months opines that the project would take some more time. Under such scenario, it is virtually impossible to believe that the Union Government spends over thousand crore per annum on the National E-governance plan.

Interestingly, the Department of personnel and training (DoPT) in its report had mentioned that creating a website is a herculean task and it is reasonable to take five months for its completion.  However, the Joint Drafting Committee for Lokpal will finish its task on June 30, therefore, it would be an advisable move to drop the concept of starting a website.

The DOPT has prepared the report after taking suggestion from the National Informatics Centre (NIC), Government of India organisation assigned for the e-Governance drive in the country.

It needs to be mentioned that DOPT was assigned with the responsibility to creating a website for the Joint Drafting Committee for Lokpal Bill. In the first meeting of the JDC, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on the request of social activist Anna Hazare has instructed the creation of the website to collect the public feedback.

Denying the logic given by DoPT, Computer Security expert Ankit Fadia said, “It is simple to create a website and should not take more than a week. For such websites no extra effort has to be put on the security issues.

Agreeing to Fadiya, one of the member of India Against Corruption, Neeraj Kumar claimed, “It as an embarrassment for Indian government, especially at a time when country is going through revolution in Information Technology.” He informed that Union government is working on this scheme from past five years and has spent additional amount of Rs 1,000 crore for this endeavor.

He also mentioned about his website 'Lokpall Bill Public Consultation. com' was started by him four days after the JDC meeting was held.