Lucknow: In what can bring smiles for childless couples or people interested in adopting kids, the Ministry of Women and Child Development has approved a new set of guidelines which permits them to adopt a child irrespective of the religion.

The new set of rules related to the lifting of religious barrier was approved on June 27.

By merging the guidelines of In-Country Adoption 2004 and Inter Country Adoption 2006, the Ministry of Women and Child Development has implemented the Central Adoption Resource Authority New Delhi (CARA guideline 2011) for adoption.

Earlier, the Hindu couples under the Hindu Maintenance Act, 1966 were allowed to adopt kids, whereas other couples had to fulfill all terms and conditions of the Guardian and Ward Act, 1960 before adopting any child.

According to the Guardian and Ward Act, the adoptive couples are given the status of patrons in place of parents. But now all the couples from all religions would be allowed to adopt kids as per the CARA guideline.

As per the CARA guidelines, the adoption will be permitted even if there is a difference in the religion of the adoptive couple and child. Besides, the couples would be given the status of the child's genetic parents. In addition, it would be mandatory to dispose of the adoption-related cases in four months.

For the monitoring the activities of the adoption in each district, State Adoption Resource Authority would be set up. The details related to the adoption would be available on

(JPN/ Bureau)