Chandigarh: Expressing doubts on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement to introduce the Lokpal Bill in the monsoon session of Parliament, BJP national vice president Shanta Kumar asserted that there has been an unwarranted delay in passing the Lokpal Bill.

In the past 42 years, he pointed out, the bill has been introduced in Parliament on eight occasions. Kumar demanded the implementation of the Lokpal Bill at the earliest as it is the most effective tool to curb corruption.

Taking a swipe at the PM’s statement, Kumar said Lokpal Bill is the most effective way to eradicate corruption, therefore it should be implemented at the earliest. “Some people apprehend that corruption in India will remain unchanged even after the implementation of Lokpal Bill,” said Shanta Kumar.

Citing the example of Hong Kong, he said, “In the country like Hong Kong where rampant corruption prevailed after World War II, a handful of honest politicians constituted an independent commission against corruption in 1974.”

Hong Kong administration had no control over this commission, he said, adding “As a result, a fair functioning of the commission ensured that the corrupt people were placed either behind bars or they were forced to leave the country.”

According to him, India should take inspiration from Hong Kong to eradicate corruption. He, however, maintained that BJP would extend support to Lokpal Bill in Parliament.