The new national health policy will address the increasing reproductive problems being faced by the urban women.

The women oriented policy will focus on conditions pertaining to infertility which is increasingly affecting women even in their teens.

“As a medical man, I am depressed by this new trend as reported to me by many reputed obstetricians and gynaecologists. I feel we should react with speed and caution,” Harsh Vardhan said.

While inaugurating the golden jubilee celebrations of Laxmibai College, the Union Minister announced to constitute a committee to suggest measures for improving the health profile of Indian women.

The minister compared a female body with a temple. In order to have a healthy future generation, women’s health should be given the utmost importance, added Vardhan.

Some of the main points of policy will be reducing maternal mortality, improving nutritional levels of women from less-privileged backgrounds and reinforcing mother-and-child development programs.

There is an increasing trend of alcoholism and smoking in the females today which has not only added to fertility problems but also increased their stress levels.

“Best way to keep in shape is Yoga,” Vardhan said, cautioning against prevailing myths on slimming through excessive gyming and putting oneself through semi-starvation routines.

“This is the most dangerous at a stage when the body is undergoing many hormonal changes. It is also essential to discard junk food,” the minister advised.

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