Patiala: By keeping aside its punitive methods to enforce the traffic norms, police department in Patiala has come up with some of the unique methods which are very humanitarian in nature to encourage people to follow the norms.

If you are found with new vehicles without number or the number printed on the plate is blurred, then the police person you meet will write with a red marker on your number plate- “Shrimaan ji gaddi te number likhwao” (Sir, just get a number printed on your vehicle’s number plate).

The traffic police personnel say that normally a vehicle owner is forced to pay fine for not following the traffic norms or riding either without a number or with indistinct number plate.

City’s traffic inspector Achru Ram says that if a person is caught without number or with indistinct number plate for the second time after being warned for the first time, then he will definitely have to pay the fine.

He further added that the whole idea has been devised at the instance of Gautam Singal, SP at traffic police headquarter. The motive of doing so is to convey the message to the vehicle owners that traffic police not only believes in panelizing the people for violating the norms but it also believes in giving another chance to them so that they could mend their mistakes.