Lucknow: In a bid to plug gaps in the history and inspire youths, Uttar Pradesh State Archives has initiated a unique project of recording voices of freedom fighters and their struggle against the British.

"We have initiated the project of recording freedom struggle in voice of the real freedom fighters. For this all the district magistrates have been requested to provide list of the freedom fighters. The project is witnessing overwhelming response", said a senior UPSA official.

The department will be sending its own team to the respective districts, to record voices of freedom fighters and struggle in which they had participated.

The exercise besides preserving freedom fighters' voice and story that could inspire youths, would also help in plugging gaps in the history as while recording they tell so many untold things about their struggle, he said.

During the recordings, they (freedom fighters) detail about the socio-political conditions, their family life and various other activities in which they were involved for ensuring independence of the country.

The recording at later stage will be transcribed in a book form for those who did want to listen to it and they could go through it to have a glimpse of freedom struggle in the state and that to from 'real heroes'.

"Literature like this is for future generations. Such projects have something inspirational for the youth", the official said.

About the response, the official said that list UPSA is receiving have majority of freedom fighters who participated in 1942 and 1947 freedom struggles and added that many of them are visiting the office to inform about their adventures and fight against Britishers with enthusiasm.

On chances of historical error that could take place, the official said that due to old age of freedom fighters sometimes their memory fail them but with available historical background the errors in dates and others are matched.