It is praiseworthy that the Team Anna has resolved to remain united and ruled out disbanding itself with a pledge that it would give befitting reply to the government, but it becomes necessary that it should exhibit itself as a united force. In past few days, it appeared as if it was not able to cope with its internal differences. The team is constantly under attack because it has failed to concentrate on anti-corruption crusade and was involved with other issues. For this, the members of Team Anna themselves are responsible rather than their opponents. The Team Anna cannot blame others for Prashant Bhushan’s controversial statement on Kashmir, and then the issue of Kiran Bedi overcharging fare from hosts. If during Hisar by-poll a message went across the nation that the members of Team Anna were not unanimous in taking decision over this issue, they themselves are answerable for it. The Team should now realize in the wake of the Congress-led Central government’s campaign that every possible attempt is being made to malign their image by exposing their petty mistakes. On the one hand, the Team Anna is alleging that the Congress besides maligning its image is also distracting the nation’s attention from the basic issue through extra effort, on the other they also fall in the trap of counter-argument. If the Team Anna involves with the Congress’ diatribe, it would not only waste its energy but would deliberately be the victim of its opponents’ ploy as well.  The Congress is making every bid to confuse the Team in their internal bickering so that they lose their focus. Perhaps that is the reason every day the Team Anna has to confront new charges.

It seems Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh has made one point agenda to foil the image of the Team Anna. Under his campaign, a subtle understanding of the party as well as the government is palpable because every attempt is being made to support his strange statements. Although the government is trying very stealthily to confuse not only the Team Anna but also the public, it has failed to realize that this campaign is not going to serve its purpose. Surprisingly, the Congress is centered only on the Lokpal issue which anyway has to be resolved in the upcoming winter session of the Parliament. It is obvious that the Team should only concentrate on the issues of corruption and Lokpal, but it is difficult to understand why the Congress is not able to see other issues?  Keeping the national issues on fringes, the way Congress is perturbed over getting bail for the leaders involved in the scams shows its true intentions. By questioning the Team Anna, the Congress seems to have surmised that it has got the right even to advise the Judiciary.