After the successful Apollo mission, space scientist across the world became more confident  and successfully conducted more such missions. The curiosity of mankind in the outer world has grown over the years, making space missions a world interest.  

Here are a few unknown facts about Apollo mission 11 that will leave you stunned:

1. First ever footprints of humankind on moon still intact: As there is no atmosphere in moon, the moon's surface remains more or less the same. Hence, you can still trace Neil Armstrong's footprints on the moon.


2. The moon disease: After the Apollo 11 mission, space scientist had to confirm if moon had any pathogens or deadly diseases. So, after the return of  Michael Collins, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were kept in quarantine before they could meet anyone.


3. No life insurance for the Apollo crew: The three member crew of Apollo mission did not have any life insurance cover. Thus, all three signed photographs that could be sold at the event of their death.


4. Apollo 11 astronauts discarded over 100 items on the lunar surface: The astronauts left a gold replica of an olive branch, moon boots, a camera, urine containers and many other things.


5. Moon stinks: The astronauts reported that the moon dust smelled like wet ash or gunpowder but it had absolutely no odour on Earth.

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