Moscow: A horn fragment of a buffalo or perhaps another unknown prehistoric animal that died 18,000 years ago has been found in Russia's south Siberian region, officials said.

It was discovered a few days ago, in a sand and gravel pit in Maimin district of Gorny Altai region. Experts believe the prehistoric animal could have been killed by a huge flood about 18,000 years ago, when a large lake in the Chui Steppe overflowed its banks.

"That caused the most massive flood in history, with water moving at a speed of 160 km an hour and covering earth with 490 metres of water," the government said in a report. After a thorough examination, the discovery will be handed over to a museum.

Remains of extinct animals have previously been found in Altai. In the fall of 2012, mammoth tusks were discovered near the  village of Maima, at a depth of over 10 metres. Mammoths died out about 10,000 years ago during the last ice age.


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