"There is nothing wrong in making a demand but taking stance which will demolish the industry is wrong. Extremist leadership destroyed textile mill industry in Mumbai. Now if the same thing is happening in sugar industry in Maharashtra then we should be careful," Pawar said.

The Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana, which is now a part of the alliance led by Shiv Sena and BJP, had recently carried out an extensive agitation for high purchase rate of sugarcane.

Pawar said the sugar industry in Maharashtra is facing difficulties and growers are suffering losses because of the agitations.

To another question, he said, "The idea of making a separate Union Agriculture Budget is not practical."

Replying to a question on the agitation regarding toll, the NCP chief said, "There should be a balanced stand about the toll issue. If the government desires 'a toll free state', the decision can be taken but the economic condition of the state must be that sound. At this stage, toll will be helpful for providing essential facilities, like roads in good condition."

Stressing on the need for a stable government in the country, Pawar said only the Congress-NCP and their allies can provide a stable government.


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