Allahabad: The political parties which lost Election Commission’s recognition six years back can now contest Assembly elections on their old party symbol.

However, such parties can avail this provision only one time, either in Lok Sabha or state Assembly elections.

The Election Commission of India amended its Election Symbols (Reservations and Allotment) Order, 1968 and a notification has already been issued in this regard by the state election commission.

Under the new policy, the registered unrecognised political parties may now opt to field their candidates with common symbol in general elections

As per the order, the candidates fielded by a registered unrecognised political party in the Lok Sabha or the Vidhan Sabha elections may be allotted a common symbol from the list of free symbols with certain terms and conditions.

For instance, the party must field candidates on at least 10 percent of the constituencies in the state. If the seats are less than 40, the party should name at least five candidates.

Also, the party will also have to give an undertaking that if it does not fulfill the prescribed conditions, its candidates will not be allotted a common symbol.