Washington: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair cautioned on Monday that Muammar Gaddafi is well-skilled at holding onto power and rejected the notion that the Libyan leader is delusional.

"That is obviously not the case. Whatever people say about being delusional and so forth, he's kept that grip there for 40 years." Blair added.

Backed by the Arab League, Western strikes began on March 19 under a United Nations mandate to protect the civilian population after Gaddafi unleashed his security forces to suppress pro-democracy protests.

Blair said, "This cannot end in any other way than at some point an agreed process of change in Libya. Whether we carry on for a long time or a short time, that's what's going to happen. The status quo is not an option."

Blair is special envoy of the Middle East ‘Quartet’ to mediate peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Quartet, established in 2002, comprised the United States, Russia, the United Nations and the European Union.

Blair said that the ongoing unrest in the Middle East makes it more difficult to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians.