United Nations: Arguing for urgent reform of the UN Security Council to reflect "contemporary realities", India has said a common refrain among countries is that the world can no longer be subjected to the mercies of a "woefully inadequate system" that was established more than half a century ago.

India's Ambassador to the UN Hardeep Singh Puri told the 15-member UN body that its expansion and reform is "essential" and must be pursued with "renewed vigour and urgently enacted" as such a move will enhance the Council's credibility and effectiveness in dealing with global issues.

Puri said, reflecting on the "big picture," the Indian delegation sees a "mosaic that is neither appealing nor sustainable."

"The moot questions that are being asked the world over are: What is the alternative to the current Security Council? How long should the world be subject to the mercies of a woefully inadequate system erected in 1945?  What prevents the international community from replacing an outdated governing architecture based on a selective interpretation of the dictum 'to the victor belong the spoils'?"

Amid the lack of progress on the UNSC reforms, there is growing recognition of the fact that the widespread feeling of marginalization among the un-represented and under-represented is leading to a sharp sense of frustration, which has the potential to unravel the existing system.

A large number of UN member states feel the size of the Council should be expanded from the current 15 to around "mid-20s".