The Supreme Court’s order to the states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan, to ensure uninterrupted supply of essential commodities including water to the national capital in the wake of Jat agitation is a clear evidence of the political leaders’ irresponsible attitude and their refusal to arouse their consciousness towards discharging duties.  Infact, these three states should have become conscious about the aforesaid responsibility when the Jat community declared their ‘Rail Roko Aandolan’ to demand 27 percent reservation in Central government jobs. It is shameful that instead of acting as a deterrent to the agitation, the Chief Ministers of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana not only extended their support to the disconcerted Jat community but also paid a blind eye to anarchic ways the agitators resorted to express their protest. This resulted in the disruptions of a number of trains causing great deal of sufferings to the lakhs of railway passengers. Can there be a more anti-public stance from the side of our political leaders than this? The Jat leaders in Uttar Pradesh blocked the railways tracks for 17 long days and in Haryana they continue to hold the Railways as hostage. The rail tracks in UP were cleared only after the Allahabad High Court intervened in the matter and strictly ordered for the evacuation of protestors from the tracks. Now, it is to be seen as to when will the order, passed by the Punjab as well as Haryana High Court for the clearance of the tracks, have any effect on Hooda government and the Jat leaders. In reality, the High Court should not have passed this order in the first place because it is the state government’s responsibility to maintain law and order. But the High Courts were compelled to pass the order as the UP and Haryana governments showed inaction. Such governments only keep moaning about the interference of judiciary into the executive matters. Do they want the judiciary to become insensitive like them?

It is hard to ascertain what effects will the High Court’s objection to the UP and Haryana CMs’ support to the Jat movement will have on the leaders. However, it is clear that none of the political leaders are ready to open their mouth against any matter related to reservation. There is no justifiable ground to support the Jat demand, yet our greedy leaders want to associate themselves with the agitation to strengthen their vote-bank. Since reservation has become a strong political weapon for our leaders, every community now wants to use this weapon for their benefit and is demanding reservations. The echo of a new demand is heard every day from every nook and corner of the country. At times, it seems as if every community is eager to taste the cream of reservation. Witnessing the misuse of this special provision for social uplift, it has become the demand of the day to redefine ‘reservation’ and formulate new norms for it. After 64 years of independence, there is no rationale behind giving reservation on the basis of caste. Barring a few exceptions, there is hardly any caste group in present India which requires reservation as a means to book a place in the mainstream society. In such circumstances, ways should be found by which it can be ensured that only the deserving people should get the benefit of reservation. If this is not done then the increasing demands for reservation might very soon give birth to other problems for the nation.