New Delhi: In spite of a better road network constructed in the country over the last few years, the rate of road accidents has registered an upward trend. It has come to light that the three-fourth of accidents take place due to the fault of the drivers who are either untrained or drive in a drunken state.

The government conducted a survey regarding safety of commuters on selected regions of the national highways and expressway to find the causes which must be dealt with to improve road safety along with improving roads.

According to the survey, 78.5 percent of the road accidents are due to the fault of the drivers.

Absence of footpaths for the people on foot and sometimes due to the fault of the people themselves, are also some of the reasons behind accidents.

According to the survey, while 2.2 percent of the road accidents take place due to the fault of the people on foot, 1.2 percent mishaps take place due to fast cycling on the national highways.

The poor condition of roads and the unidentifiable pits and ditches on the roads also lead to deadly accidents which amount to 1.3 percent of the total number of mishaps.

Not only this, old vehicles in deteriorated condition which break down in the middle of the road also give way to unseen accidents. In fact, the registration of such vehicles must be cancelled under The Motor Vehicle Act 1988, but non-compliance of the same has enabled vehicles as old as 20 years to play on roads. Such vehicles are involved in 1.8 percent of the total accidents.

The survey has found that 14.2 percent accidents have been reported due to other reasons.

To reduce the number of road accidents, the government has prepared a National Road Safety Policy which aims to emphasise on spreading awareness, preparing a database of the accidents and promoting better infrastructure for safety of road traffic.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has asked the states to form T-Councils and districts to form T-Committees for the purpose.

(JPN/ Bureau)