It appears a sort of bid to debilitate a constitutional institution that the Congress has launched broadside on the CAG’s report, which has faulted the Prime Minister's Office for Suresh Kalmadi's appointment as the chief of the Games' Organizing Committee and criticized the role of Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit over the manner in which the CWG projects were implemented, defiling jurisdiction norms.  The CAG like other constitutional body does not require any lesson from any political party regarding its authority and working. It will be wise for the Congress to preach down its leaders, as their slipshodness and neck-deep involvement in the graft and sleaze have battered the image of the party as well as dented the exchequer of the country, about their responsibilities instead of counting shortcomings of the CAG. Does the Congress want CAG to present accolades to the Delhi government and the Centre for spending 15 times more in organizing the CWG? Is it expected from the CAG to overlook the facts which led mega CWG scam? It is no less than a threatening of the Congress to CAG that the party has asked it to be under limitation. Understandably, the Congress is facing much heat owing to its bungling on several issues, but it does not mean that it shows disgraceful act.

If the Congress does not want to buy the points of the CAG report, it should follow a constitutional process and put its grievances before the Public Account Committee, as it has given suggestion to the Opposition in this context. There is no ground of concern raised by the Congress regarding the CAG report made public before being submitted to the Parliament. It is precise that the CAG report should not have been leaked, but when it has been tabled in the Parliament, there should be debate over the findings of the CAG. The Congress does not seem to be ready for facing the reality, that’s why it has adopted aggressive attitude. There are umpteenth evidences that whenever the Congress comes into power, it has tried to debilitate constitutional and independent body of the nation. Needles to say that the Congress-led Central dispensation tried to the hilt to place a tainted figure on the post of Central Vigilance Commissioner despite objections. Everyone knows that the Centre asked the Supreme Court not to overstep its boundary when the Apex Court suggested it to dole out the foodgrains among the poor, which were decaying in open sky owing to inadequacy of proper storage. If the Congress cannot appreciate the efficiency of the CAG regarding the monitoring of government expenditure, it would be wise for the party to wear the silence.