The move to ban the screening of ‘Aarakshan’ in few states and voices being raised to give an unfateful  treatment to the Bollywood movie in other states is not only a disrespect to the Right to Expression, but also highlights the intolerance and immaturity of Indian political system.  What can be more confounding than the fact that even before watching the movie some states are planning to ban the flick, whereas going a step further State governments in Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab have already prohibited its screening. These three states believe that the screening of the film may disrupt the law and order situation. Are these three states different to other parts of the country or their law and order situation is extremely sensitive?  If the State government, social or political organizations start performing the duties of Censor Board,  then what is the relevance of the Censor Board? To ban a film approved by the Censor Board is like creating stumbling blocks in the system. In this context the fact cannot be overlooked that keeping in mind the sensitive issue raised in Aarakshan, nine members of Censor Board including representatives of Dalits and Backward Classes watched the movie before giving it a final nod. It seems unjustified that few dialogues are being used as a prop to oppose the movie. Moreover, efforts were made to convey the message that the movie may affect the present social structure in the Country. How can a movie affect the constitutional system? At the maximum, it can only trigger off a debate. For a country which has remained a testimony to elaborate discussions on reservation for past many years, one fails to understand the logic behind unwarranted protests over a movie based on the same issue. Unfortunately, some other films too have received a similar treatment. Recently, the screening of film ‘Khap’ was banned in few parts of the country. This is not the right attitude. The way Right to Expression does not have unlimited freedom, the right to disagree should not be permitted to supersede the law.

There is no doubt that reservation is a complex issue and different sections of Indian society hold dissimilar opinion on it, but it does not mean to prohibit making films on the theme. In our country, movies on sensitive issues have been made in the past. Masses are well-versed with the fact that film-makers take the help of fiction and drama to make films on sensitive and realistic issues.  As the revelation is not mandatory that everyone likes the content of a movie, those who are against the theme of the movie should realize that Aakarshan has been released in most parts of the country without any indifference. After the release, it has been confirmed that though the name of the flick is Aarakshan, the storyline deals with the commercialization of education. When Director Prakash Jha has agreed to withdraw the controversial scenes, the protests against the movie holds no meaning.  As far as the reservation system is concerned, one cannot deny the fact that despite having loopholes in the mechanism, special efforts are to be incorporated for the upliftment of the deprived sections of the society.