Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption sparked off dissenting voices from some quarters. It is not unusual in a democratic establishment as everyone has a right to express his feelings. But it does not augur well, if sarcastic remarks are passed in the name of disapproval for Anna’s movement or he is portrayed as a villain of democracy. There is no point in getting cynical about Lokpal Bill that it would not sort out issues like electricity, water and health. Anna Hazare and his entourage never claimed that after implementation of the Bill all sorts of problem would be turfed out of the country. Undoubtedly, there should not be a sense of complacency after the execution of Lokpal Bill because the country is fending off loads of problems and scourge. Only Lokpal Bill and Lokayukta would not suffice to flush out all forms of corruption and sleaze. In fact there are some states without Lokayukta, however cases of corruption were reported less in comparison to the states which are equipped with the ombudsman. It is right that Anna Hazare is demanding for a powerful Lokpal Bill with participation of civil society in drafting of the Bill, but there is no need of considering it unparliamentary. The onus of passing the Bill goes to MPs.

It is pertinent that the Bill was drafted 43 years ago, but people’s representatives could not approve it so far, which clearly indicates that the political leadership of the nation is not much keen to check corruption. Perhaps, this is why people across the country have rallied behind Anna Hazare. It would be better for the ruling party and the Opposition, they should know why people from all walks of life stood firm behind Anna’s movement.  It is not good that leaders try to distract people by creating ruckus in the name of discussion over the Bill. Some leaders pooh-poohed Anna’s encomium on Gujarat Chief Minister Modi for the rural development in the state. There is no ground for creating fuss if Anna Hazare accepts that Narendra Modi has done a good job by promoting rural areas in the state. It appears that there is a deliberate bid to create controversy regarding Jan Lokpal Bill. If the leaders of ruling and Opposition are somewhat serious towards bridling corruption, they should restrain themselves from being vocal on unwarranted statements.