Lucknow: In a bid to project its clean image in the forth coming Assembly elections, the BSP may continue its spree of axing the tainted and corrupt ministers under ‘Operation Clean.’

Party supremo and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has clearly hinted that after Avadhpal Singh Yadav, Rangnath Mishra and Rakeshdhar Tripathy will have to do away with their party ticket.

According to the policy makers of the party, BSP’s move against the corrupt officials and ministers may push up the party in the election race.

Owing to the situation triggered by the National Rural Health scam, the BSP chief had initiated her work to clean the image. After influential minister Babu Singh Kushwaha and Anant Kumar were asked to resign, the party supremo had cautioned erring ministers to mend their behaviours, otherwise stern actions would be taken.

Significantly, there were many alterations in the organizational structure of the party. The responsibility to monitor the legislature and the ministers were given to the cadres.

Under ‘Operation Clean’, the cadres have sent negative reports against more than three dozen candidates following which the process of cancellation of their tickets is on.

Meanwhile the Lokayukta report against the tainted Ministers worked like adding fuel to the fire. It is noteworthy that by removing Avadhpal Pal Singh Yadav, Ranganath Mishra and Badshah Singh, Mayawati is trying to put across a new message.

More than three dozen ministers against whom, the Lokayukta administration has complaints include Energy Minister raamaveer Upadhyay, Rakesh Dhar Tripathi, Minister for Culture Subhash Pandey, Minister for Higher Education, Finance Minister Lalji Verma, Ratan Lal Ahirwar and Parks Minister Narayan Singh.

Although nothing has been finalized in the process, but the party has decided not to field Rakesh Dhar Tripathi and Subhash Pandey in the forthcoming elections. 

(JPN/ Bureau)