New Delhi: The rising political temperature in Uttar Pradesh is making pitch for early Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. Even the Election Commission has geared up for a possibility of early polls in the state.

However, main parties like the BSP, SP, Congress and the BJP are not ready to speak on the speculations of early polls, but they have started their preparations sensing February as month of elections.

If sources are to be believed, the Congress is in favour of elections in February itself. According to a strategist of the Congress, there is nothing to lose in Uttar Pradesh and whatever will happen, will happen for its benefit.

“The present atmosphere is against Mayawati and people have not forgotten the excesses by the SP during its regime. The BJP is stuck in the infighting. In this scenario, it is beneficial to have polls in February itself,” said the strategist.

According to some school of thoughts, the term of Rajya Sabha MPs from the state is expiring next year and there are elections in Uttarakhand and Punjab as well.

“If the party comes to power alone or with alliance, it could be beneficial during the Rajya Sabha elections,” the strategist added. Meanwhile, sources in the BSP say that the party is mulling its strategies keeping elections in February in view.

However, there is another point that if elections take place in February, the BJP will be busy in Uttarakhand and Punjab.
Amidst all this, highly placed sources in the Election Commission said the commission is ready for polls either in February or May.