Lucknow: Setting an example before his cabinet colleagues, Akhilesh Yadav has become the first Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister to declare his assets publicly.

Yadav (38), who declared his assets on the UP government website, owns assets worth Rs 4, 83, 11,601cr and liabilities of Rs 15, 90,000crore.  He also owns three residential plots -- two in Lucknow and one in Etawah – besides agriculture land worth Rs 98 lakh. He has investments totalling Rs 1 crore, and Rs 1.18 crore in cash. The Chief Minister also has a Pajero worth Rs 20 lakh including a loan of Rs 1.3 crore against his name.

He has Rs 1.37 crore as loans and advances, which include Rs 22.24 lakh to wife Dimple Yadav, Rs 1.11 crore to Prateek Yadav and Rs 1.19 lakh to the Samajwadi Party.