Lucknow: The government may have slashed subsidy on LPG cylinders and capped them to six per annum per family but that doesn’t seem to bother Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. Surprisingly the minister consumes 8 cylinders every month on his tea parties.

But he is not the only one to have been spending so lavishly. There are reports of a number of political leaders as well as top officials making merry by consuming several cylinders in a month in the state.

Hundreds of LPG cylinders are being kept in their store but nobody knows whether they are being used in government offices or are being used at the residences of political leaders.

This disclosure has been made by the transparency portal of gas agencies. It has also been revealed through the portal of one of the distributors Indane Gas that there are 14-20 gas cylinders registered in the name of heads of some government offices.

The reports suggest, almost 34 cylinders were consumed during four months on preparing tea at Chief Minister’s office which makes it clear that almost eight cylinders were consumed every month in the name of preparing tea only.

Also, there are reports of 24 cylinders being consumed during 4-months time in state secretariat while a whopping number of 75 gas cylinders were being used in the state assembly.

There are reports of 77 gas cylinders being consumed in the camp office of the Chief Secretary of the state. Also 24 gas cylinders were issued between April 1 and August 24 in the name of the Governor while 30 cylinders were issued in the name of his secretary during the last four months.


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