Ghaziabad: In yet another incident of brazen abuse of power by UP police, a cop was caught on camera slapping a young girl inside a Police Station in Ghaziabad district.

The young girl was picked up by the police along with her boyfriend allegedly in an inebriated condition and was slapped inside the police station. The footage also shows that the girl too hit back in the same fashion.

The incident took place on Monday night in Sahibabad Police Station area after the girl and the boy were booked by the police under section 294 of IPC (obscene songs).

“Police have misbehaved with me and that is why I reacted. If a person is abused repeatedly, then that person has got the right to object and argue also. If they call me a prostitute, then one should argue. I am not a prostitute and nobody has the right to speak to me like that," the girl retorted.

TV footage showed a woman in plain clothes slapping the unidentified girl following which she hit back and was eventually caught hold of by the police.

SHO Ramnath Yadav said the duo from Delhi was found near Vikram Enclave creating nuisance and the police was informed about it.

"When brought to the police station, the girl spoke in filthy language. The girl and the boy were subjected to medical test which confirmed that they had consumed alcohol," he said, adding that they were booked under Section 294 of IPC which is a bailable offence.

Reacting to the incident, Mamta Sharma, NCW Chairperson, said, "She must not be drunk and even if she was drunk then the police had no right to slap her. The police could have waited for her to get back to normal." She also sought action from Uttar Pradesh government in this regard.

Former IPS officer Kiran Bedi said, "I think this a part of the sub culture and that sub culture of using abusive language or slapping needs to change."


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