Lucknow: Almost after five months of investigation into the death of Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr YS Sachan, the CBI on Monday, citing a report drafted by a special team in Delhi, said that he was not murdered but committed suicide.

The report further stated that Dr Sachan was under intense mental pressure because of police investigations into the murders of two other CMOs.

Earlier on June 22, Dr Sachan was found dead under mysterious circumstances in a toilet in Lucknow district jail. The postmortem report of Dr Sachan, which was conducted by a panel of five doctors, confirmed nine injuries on his body.

At that time, it was alleged that he was murdered and the judicial probe report also confirmed the same.

However, the Allahabad High Court later ordered handing over the case to the CBI.

The case was handed over to the CBI in July. After registering an FIR in the same month, the CBI began its probe in August and it was revealed that Dr Sachan was murdered.

The CBI on Monday rejecting all the earlier reports claimed that Dr Sachan committed suicide.

According to the officials, a report drafted by a special team in Delhi has stated that the injuries found on Dr Sachan’s body were made by him before committing suicide.

“We don’t have concrete evidences to challenge this reports,” a CBI official said.

Dr Sachan was arrested for his alleged role into the murder of two CMOs.

“We have interrogated all officials related to this case but have not found any evidence. We have also quizzed former state minister Babu Singh Kushwaha and former state Health Minister Ananth Mishra, but nothing significant was derived from the interrogation,” a senior CBI official said.

There are also reports that the CBI can ask the court to close the case.