Lucknow: In view of the upcoming Assembly Elections, Uttar Pradesh government which is struggling with the financial crunch is now preparing to bring a vote- on-account for the first half of 2012.

The Finance Ministry has instructed the concerned departments of the state to submit the revenue collection estimates by November 5. Besides, the authority has also made it clear that they should not prepare budget for Central schemes or projects which conclude this financial year.

It is to be noted that similar move was taken in the past also. The vote-on-account was also presented before the last elections during Samajwadi Party government tenure.
With this, the state government has arranged the expenses for next four months of fiscal year and also found away for the smooth functioning of projects or schemes which are on halt due to shortage of funds. 

It is been anticipated that the government may face financial crunch in terms of paying salary or remuneration to the employees. Therefore, Vrinda Sarup, Chief Secretary has issued the letter to all departments with detailed guidelines putting major emphasis on cutting on unnecessary expenses.

The letter clearly states that the departments should eliminate unimportant and unnecessary schemes in the state.  Besides, increased expenditure on staff should be controlled and if needed, restructure the administrative structure. Given the limited resources, the expenditure on Centre and on externally aided projects should be planned and monitored. In addition, the Chief Secretary has instructed to offer construction of new residential buildings only in special circumstances.