Lucknow: To provide foolproof arrangements to tackle fire mishaps in Uttar Pradesh, the state government has prepared a blueprint for providing intact fire fighting arrangements by 2015.

In a bid to control fire mishaps, 42 new fire stations will be set up in the state which will comprise 26 staff members each. Apart from this, 702 people will be deployed and fire fighters will be fully equipped to control fire even at a height of 42 metres.

The state government’s Rs 52 crore scheme for strengthening the fire fighting system will also include procurement of modern equipments.

Modern equipments for fire fighting will be made available at Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Meerut, Agra and Varanasi, while fire stations will be set up in other districts. The state government has already sanctioned Rs 28.68 crore in this regard.

Apart from this, the state government has also given nod for hydraulic platforms to control fire at even 42 metres of height in six cities. Water bowsers at cost of Rs 28 lakh each which will be provided to every city.

The equipments will be bought this year while construction of 38 water reservoirs has been scheduled for the next year. Lucknow and Kanpur will have 10 reservoirs each.

Rs 1.32 crore will be spent for their repair works next year. The additional construction work of 19 water reservoirs will be done during 2014-15.

Fire fighting restricted in files

Due to the lax attitude of Education Department, the Civil Defence plan for Fire safety management plan in schools is still biting dust in files since last six months.

Fire Department has yet not executed the plan for mock drills in various schools in the state.

On January 10, Directorate-General of Civil Defence had directed the Education Department to draft a plan for teaching fire defence and disaster management to schoolchildren.

According to Chief Fire Officer Rajendra Tiwari, the fire department educates school children about the safety methods through mock drills but Fire safety Management can only be implemented once the Education Department takes initiative.

The plan

Under the Fire Safety Management Plan, nine teams in each school were to be formed which would incorporate Awareness Campaigning Team, Evacuation Team, Search and Rescue Team, Fire Fighting Team, First Aid Team, Site Safety Team, Transport and Management Team and Media Management Team.