Greater Noida: Moving a step ahead, the Uttar Pradesh government on Wednesday propelled the new land acquisition policy mandate before the Noida Authority for its approval. After thoroughly sudying the mandate ,the authority will forward it to the Board for final sanction.

UP Chief Secretary (revenue) KK Sinha sent a 9-page document to the Authority and district administration on Wednesday.

As per the terms, the farmers, who will be rendered landless after acquisition, will now be entitled for free 40 square metre of land. However, whether the farmers would be allotted on Noida Industrial Development Authority area or in the region for the use of private sectors is not clearly mentioned.

The mandate also notifies that in the industrial development authority region, builders will not be able to acquire the land directly from farmers but authority will be able to obtain land from farmers on consensual basis (as per contracting rules).

In terms of the compensation, two choices will be offered to farmers. First choice is based on the existing contracting rules i.e. besides Rs 1050 as compensation, seven percent land will be granted to farmers as substitute of their acquired lands. In addition, an annuity of Rs 23000 per acre will be provided to farmers every year in July for 33 years, which will be augmented every year by Rs 800.

However, the farmers will also have a choice of taking the total payment in one go that would compute to Rs 2.76 lakh.

Plot’s 50 percent area will be allowed for residential purposes whereas rest of the region will be used to promote industrial, institutional and professional activities.

Businessmen will have the facility of directly purchasing the land from the farmers in areas which do not fall under authority’s region and does not come in master plan.

The mandate also states that 80 percent of the farmers have approved for the policy as rest of the land will be acquired by the state government. The farmers under the scheme will also get the 33 years annuity benefit.