Shahjahanpur: In order to implement its to-be-launched pension scheme for the BPL families effectively, the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to conduct a fresh census of those living below the poverty line (BPL).

Mayawati government is of the view that the 2002 figures of BPL families do not reflect the exact number of poor in the state because the last census was conducted as per the standards defined by the Centre. As per records, nearly ten million people in the state are living below poverty line.

In order to complete the paperless BPL census at the earliest, the state government has decided to use a specifically designed devise for the counting.

To this effect, the government has issued a circular to all District Collectors in the state. The circular directs the officials to execute the census on a priority basis.

According to the circular, the state will be divided into four lakhs enumeration blocks to complete the census.

It would be conducted in the urban centres by the respective urban development agencies while in the villages the Rural Development Department would execute the job.

As per plans, a set of questionnaire would be given to the targeted people.  Once the process is over, the identified beneficiaries will get the benefits of the new pension scheme.

(JPN/ Bureau)