Lucknow: The scholarship money for all the BPL students will now be deposited directly into their accounts. The Uttar Pradesh government has taken this step to prevent the rigging of fund by academic institutions while disbursing them.

The government has made some amendments in the distribution process of scholarships for the year 2011-12. The role of social welfare authorities in doling out scholarships has been limited. Now the major data base will play a significant role in this context. Besides, every student will also be allocated a Unique Number.

All chief executives, divisional and district magistrates have been issued guidelines by the state Chief Secretary, Anoop Mishra.

Department of Social Welfare Secretary Balwinder Kumar said, “The scholarship will be given to the students of accredited institutions whose details will be recorded in the master data base.”

Annop Mishra said, “In order to prevent any kind of malpractices, deadlines will be fixed for the execution of plans.”

All the newly recognized schools will be added to the data base by August 31, 2011 after which the District Magistrate will have the authority to take decisions after getting recommendations from the Divisional Commissioner, he added.