Lucknow: Ignored by almighty, the homeless and helpless children in Uttar Pradesh face the apathy of the Uttar Pradesh government. Under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme, the Women Welfare Department of the state was to give shelter houses ‘Asha Grah’ and provide them training to make a decent living but owing to ignorance the plan could not kick off.

As a result, the fate of these homeless children still hangs in a balance.  At a time when these children should be attending schools, there are wandering on streets to earn bread and butter.

The Women Welfare Department has proposed a plan to the state government for administrating the lives of children who are losing their childhood by working at garbage dumps, railway - bus stations and tea stalls; who are orphaned, abandoned, neglected and begging on streets. The government which did not see any profit in the plan refused to approve and fund the proposal.

The Director of Women Welfare Department acknowledged that there had been talks with the Centre for funds but the government did not agreed and approve the plan. The Department has forwarded the proposal once again to the government hoping it to be approved.

The purpose of opening ‘Asha Grah’ was to counsel and train the neglected and abandoned children and help them to connect with mainstream to earn living. Each ‘Asha Grah’ has a plan to keep 25 children under administration, where the children will get facilitate like clothes, medicines, toiletries, library, sports and educational materials. There are arrangements to provide bridge courses to children too.

However, the proposal is pending with the Central government.