Lucknow, Feb 02 (Agencies): The Uttar Pradesh government has said that ITBP and the Centre did not coordinate with the state on the recruitment camp and termed Home Minister P Chidambaram’s statement as untrue and far from facts.

"The Union Home Minister P Chidambaram's statement that the state was duly informed is untrue and far from the facts," a UP government spokesman said in a statement.

Blaming alleged "mismanagement" of the ITBP for the incidents, the spokesman said, "It is an unsuccessful attempt on the part of the Centre to shift responsibility of the grave mistake conducted by the ITBP.

"The incident was unfortunate, but the ITBP did not inform the Bareilly administration that applications have been invited from 11 states," the spokesman said.

He alleged that the ITBP failed to review that such a large number of applicants will turn up for the recruitment drive.

"The ITBP did not coordinate with the local administration on the various aspects related to the arrangement. Only routine information was given to the local police and the complete detail was not given by the ITBP," the spokesman alleged.

He said that besides this the ITBP did not inform the state headquarters.

"The ITBP should have given special information keeping in view the turn out of the aspirants from 11 states," he said.

The spokesman said that the local administration controlled the situation by arranging additional resources and security forces.

"The incidents, which occurred while aspirants were returning back was result of mismanagement on the part of ITBP," he alleged.

Outraged at not being able to submit their forms due to alleged mismanagement by the authorities in Bukhara, ITBP aspirants went on a rampage, torched a number of vehicles and pelted stones on Tuesday.