Muzaffarnagar, Jan 17 (Agencies): Stringent measures have been adopted by a khap panchayat (caste council) in UP, banning girls from wearing jeans. Village elders blamed the attire for provoking eve-teasing and encouraging young couples to elope.

The khap panchayat led by Battisa Khap Council head Baba Suraj in Bhenswal village passed the diktat which claimed that wearing jeans had a "bad effect" on young women and eve-teasing incidents had increased due to their “objectionable clothes".

The panchayat also formed a five-member committee of women to implement the ban in the village. Earlier, caste councils or kangaroo courts, which have been accused of supporting "honour killings", had banned the use of mobile phones by unmarried girls in the district. They used the same argument, saying the phones encouraged women to step out of the home.

On November 14, all khap panchayats from Shoram village in Muzaffarnagar had assembled to oppose same gotra (sub-caste) marriages and demanded the government amend the Hindu Marriage Act to enforce a ban.

The government is drafting a legislation dealing specifically with killings ordered by khap panchayats.