Noida: Land acquisition at Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway has been put on hold till the authority takes a decision on the compensation amount to be given to the land owners.

Sources say that rates may be decided in the board meeting. The State government’s attitude could affect the compensation rates. Though Samajwadi Party mentioned in its manifesto that it would provide six time the compensation of existing circle rate to those land owners whose lands will be acquired, but it is, however, unclear whether it includes the industrial development authority or not.

The present compensation rate at Noida is Rs 1125 /sq m and Rs 930/sq m in Greater Noida. Earlier, the Allahabad High Court directed both the Noida and Greator Noida to provide 64.7 percent compensation to 62 villages. At present the farmers are getting Rs 1400/sq m including basic and additional compensation. The board meeting, which is to be held soon, is likely to decide whether the farmers whose lands will be acquired will get compensation on the previous rates or the new rates.