Lucknow: Citing the example of Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka, UP Lokayaukta Justice N K Mehrotra said that to put a check on the rising graph of corruption all states should have a strong Lokayukta like that in place in the above mentioned two states.

Demanding statutory powers as Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh ombudsmen Mehrotra said, “For effective check on corruption, Ombudsmen like Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka should be legalised in all the states of the country”.

He claimed that Uttar Pradesh does not have strong Lokayukta. “In UP, the Lokayukta cannot entertain any complaint against the Chief Minister nor the village panchayat”.

“Since technical schools, universities, technical education, university, medical university and other educational institutes’ do not fall under the ambit of Lokayukta here we cannot do anything in prevailing cases of corruption in these institutes,” he said.

There are several other important differences, he pointed. Lokayuktas of other states can take suo motu cognisance of the practices of corruption by public servants, but the UP Lokayukta cannot take initiative even in the biggest of corruption case. The Lokayukta has to receive a complaint to initiate an inquiry or have to await recommendation from the Chief Minister or the Chief Secretary to take action against culprits.