The new genus has the salient features of "Husn-e-Aara", known for its beauty, and "Dussehri" which is regarded for its taste. It is named after and dedicated to Narendra Modi, Kalimullah said.

Kalimullah, who is popularly known as the "Mango King", had in the past developed several different mango cross breeds to suit the personality of dignitaries. He said that the new variety would suit Modi.

"I wish that the first ripe fruit of this variety reaches Modiji that he tastes it and give an opportunity for its fragrance to spread world over," he said.

He said the mango lovers, however, will have to wait to taste it as it will take some time to reach markets.

Kalimullah has tethered hopes to Modi, who he says will play a major role in world politics.

"We have high expectations from Modi and pray that he takes everyone along. His thinking appears to be good. He can play a major role in ending conflicts world over," he said.

"Muslim community has high hopes from Modiji. They also hope that he would put forth his views taking everyone along," he added.

Kalimullah, a celebrated expert in mango cultivation in the famed mango belt of Malihabad here, earned global acknowledgement by developing 300 different variants of the fruit on one tree.


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