Lucknow (JPN/Bureau): After Mayawati’s security cordon was breached by those seeking her attention to their woes while the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister was on tour of various towns and districts, the ministers of the state have been given more stringent security cordon.

The steps that have been put in place will make the ministers out of reach of the common man whenever they are in public.

These measures include: Gunner-shadows of all security categories viz X, Y and Z will ensure nobody nears the VIP without his permission, all those who want to meet a minister will be checked thoroughly, those coming near the minister’s car will be under strict watch, police will be deployed in larger number when they tour, rope enclosures will be used.

Intelligence agencies have also reported that opposition parties try to organize protests against the ministers. This will also be kept in mind while planning for the security of a minister on tour.

The security has been strengthened after Mayawati’s security was breached when she was on tour of Deoria, Aligarh, Etawah, Agra, Kanpur and Jhansi as people tried to reach her and convey their problems.

Opposition parties tried to rake up an issue out of the incidents which led the government to take the step to step up security.