Varanasi: Accused in the Madhumita murder case, MLA Amarmani Tripathi who was sentenced to life imprisonment is out of jail for the last two months citing his ill health.

Tripathi who was given permission to attend his mother’s funeral has not returned to the jail citing his poor health. According to sources, there is nexus between police and doctors that has helped Tripathi stay away from the jail.

This is the second case after the Jaiswal brothers, which has brought the law enforcement agency under fire.

According to senior Superintendent of police, Varanasi Central Jail, Capt SK Pandey, languishing in jail since five years, Tripathi got permission from Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) of Siddharth Nagar to attend his mother’s funeral on July 13, 2011.

On July 15, the Chief Medical Officer of Gorakhpur Medical College informed the jail administration that Tripathi was admitted to the hospital on July 14.

The CJM yet again sent a letter to the jail administration that Tripathi was allowed to attend Brahmabhoj on July 23-24. The letter came as a surprise to the jail administration.

The Jail Superintendent on July 23 wrote a letter to the Chief Medical Officer asking him to send Tripathi back to the jail if he had recovered.

With no response, the letter was re-sent on July 29 and August 23.

Observing the mounting pressure, Tripathi on September 2 was sent to PGI Lucknow. After no illness was detected, the doctors did not admit him and was sent back to the medical college.

After facing disappointment from the medical college as well he was finally admitted to BHU Hospital.