Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh government’s decision of checking the state mafias, lodged in the state prisons, from running their syndicate by using cell phones has failed to yield any result.

The government plans to put an end to the practice is in limbo. Surprisingly, the state government could neither install jammers in jails across the state nor could procure wireless sets to check such calls.

When the STF arrested one of the miscreants in Agra, it was found that their activities were tracked through surveillance and were continuously in contact with their boss through mobile phones.

Not just in Agra, mafia bosses lodged in several jails across the state are very much into their business through phones.
Whenever there used to be any restrictions in the jail for using phones, the jail guards used to provide phone from outside for the mafias to talk to their associates. For this purpose, SIM cards and phone were purchased in fake names.

Sources in the STF are of the view that there is hardly any prison in the state where the mobile phones are not used.

However, VK Gupta, Inspector General (prisons) said, “No mobile phones have been recovered from any prison in past six months.”

But the experts are of the view that if the call records of the area will be taken out they would throw a different picture altogether.


Density of Prisons            Wireless sets
For more than 2000            20
For 1500to 2000                 15
For less than 1000              10

For buying the aforesaid sets the government had also released a sum of Rs 66 lakh, but the results are yet to be seen.

(JPN/ Bureau)