Lucknow: In an effort to boost vote bank in Uttar Pradesh which will go to Assembly poll, all political parties in the state are trying play caste card.

All political parties are busy taking out yatras and trying to woo Dalits and most backward classes.

The parties have realized that by raising issues of corruption and governance they won’t be able to do much, hence they have started caste politics.

The Janwadi Party (Socialist) will carry out one-month yatra in most-backward regions of the state. Similarly, the Indian Justice Party (IJP) under the banner of neglected Dalit Mahapanchayat has begun to mobilize Dalits to gain political mileage.

The RLD, Peace Party, Bharatiya Samaj Party and National United Party have also joined the same bandwagon.

Meanwhile, the Janwadi Party (Socialist) will commence its yatra on September 25 which will reach Lucknow on October 24. Party’s national president Sanjay Chauhan said, “We will fight for the rights of the most backward classes by visiting every nook and corner of villages.”

IJP president Dr Udit Raj along with MLAs from UP is mulling to bring neglected Dalits on one platform. The party leaders are also engaged in forming a Dalit panchayat at district and block level.