The graph of unemployment and poverty may be showing an upward trend in Uttar Pradesh but the wealth of the candidates contesting the Assembly elections tells a different story. Uttar Pradesh Election Watch conducted a study of the affidavits of 1250 candidates out of 3967 candidates named till the fourth phase of polls. Out of 1250 candidates, 546 or 44 percent are millionaires. Moreover, 36 percent or 455 candidates have mentioned their criminal records in their affidavits. Surprisingly, out of 3967 candidates contesting the Assembly polls only 6 percent are women.

The claims of keeping criminal candidates away from the politics have proven to be a damp squib. The promises made by the political parties to practise clean politics are yet to be fulfilled.


Political parties are flooded with millionaire candidates with Bahujan Samaj Party topping the list with 35 such candidates. However, other major parties do not lag behind in this race as the Samajwadi Party has fielded 30 candidates, Congress 30 and Bharatiya Janata party has given tickets to 27 millionaires. Moreover, the Janata Dal (United) has fielded 3 while 6 millionaires are contesting on the Peace Party tickets.


According to the records, the SP and the Congress have kept their doors open for the tainted candidates by allotting tickets to 29 and 25 nominees respectively. While the BSP has fielded 18 candidates with criminal background, the BJP has given tickets to 11 such candidates. The JD-U , the Peace Party and the Apna Dal have also given tickets to tainted candidates.


In order to attract the youth vote bank, all the major parties have fielded young candidates in appreciable numbers. While BSP has given tickets to 25 candidates in the age group of 25-45 years, BJP has fielded 15, Congress 22 and SP 21 candidates in the said age group.


The representation of women in the elections gives a poor picture as the BJP has fielded only 6, the Congress 8 and the SP has given tickets to 7 women candidates. The women candidates have been given poor representation in the fourth phase too.


With education the main mantra for the development of the nation, political parties like the SP, the BSP, BJP and the Congress have given maximum number of tickets to candidates having qualification upto Class VIII. The SP, the BSP and the BJP have fielded 2 such candidates each, while the Congress gave tickets to four such candidates.
The SP fielded three intermediate degree holder candidates, the BSP four, the BJP two and the Congress reposed faith in three such candidates. However, there are also many graduates, post-graduates and doctors in the candidates’ list as well.