Lucknow: Muscle flexing in UP politics in nothing new and with just a few months to go for the state elections the political parties are busy chalking out their strategies in regard to the mafia-turned politicians. The bottom line is to search influential and strong candidates, who can win their respective seats by hook or crook.

UP politics has severed the befitting example of political parties taking a U-turn on their previous statements. Even political rivals are becoming friends overnight and those who have shared a rivalry for past four years are willing to shake hands.

One such glaring example is of notorious legislator from Dibai (Bulandshahar) Guddu Pandit. The Samajwadi Party (SP) which had once termed him criminal and stated such goons belong to jail suddenly changed its stance. After inducting him in the party, the SP has developed a soft corner for him.

When reminded of statements made by the party, the SP leaders said cases are frequently lodged against politicians.

However, the SP is not the only example in isolation. SP legislator Ashok Chandel was termed as a major threat for the BSP.

Named in more than half a dozen criminal cases, Chandel also contested the 2009 Lok Sabha elections from a SP ticket.

However, at the time of inducting him in the party, the BSP overlooked his past criminal record.

Similarly, Mainpuri legislator Sandhya Katheria who called SP state president Akhilesh Yadav as her brother, was quick to switch loyalties to the BSP. Despite being a sitting legislator, Katheria was denied a SP ticket in the assembly elections therefore she switched alliance and joined the BSP.

Recently, two BJP legislators Yashpal Singh and Rajendra Singh too joined SP. After remaining loyal to the BJP for a long time, they realized that SP was more inclined towards serving the people.