Kanpur: In a race to score electoral gains, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi took pot shots at his political rivals - the NDA, the Samajwadi Party and the BSP.  

On a campaign trail in the Bundelkhand region, Rahul Gandhi fired fresh salvo at BJP leader Uma Bharti at a rally in Banda. Taking on the firebrand leader of the BJP, he said that people should be cautious of her as she came to Uttar Pradesh after ‘failing’ to perform in Madhya Pradesh.

He further said that Uma Bharti has done nothing for the development of the region and that she would soon become inaccessible after the elections.

 “A BJP leader (Uma Bharti) has come from Madhya Pradesh. Where was she when farmers were dying in Bundelkhand? Now that elections are here she has come to you," said Rahul.

In his rallies throughout the state he mooted for a government for the common man.

Not missing a chance, Rahul Gandhi took on the NDA for its India Shining campaign and accused it of neglecting Bundelkhand. He also took a dig at BSP for cheating the people in the name of good governance.
On the other hand he highlighted the efforts of Congress in the upliftment of the people. He said Congress has fulfilled most of its promises. Whether it is about waiving loans of the farmers or providing employment through MNREGA, the Congress has lived upto the expectations.

He accused the BJP, the SP and the BSP of looting the state for the last 22 years.

(JPN/ Bureau)