New Delhi: With Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh just a few months away, the Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) is likely to fight on its own as it has failed to seal any pre-poll alliance with either the Congress or the Samajwadi Party (SP).

Since the Congress party is still in a dilemma over the alliance with the RLD, the latter had no option but to forge alliance with the SP which also failed to fructify. In such a scenario, the RLD is now left with no alternative but to concentrate on winnable seats of Western UP.

According to sources, the Congress wants to have an alliance with the RLD but it does not want to spare a few seats for the latter. This was perhaps the reason, it did not hold any discussion with the RLD and announced the party candidates for Shamli, Bilaspur, Hastinapur, Nagina, Ghaziabad, Syana, Khurja Atrauli, Kol, Mathura, Agra Rural and Fatehpur Sikri Assembly constituencies.

Although the Congress is gearing up to release its second list, it is yet to open any negotiation for an alliance with Ajit Singh’s party.

If sources are to be believed, the disenchanted RLD started negotiations with the SP, but that too failed to reach any conclusion. The RLD believes the Congress played a crucial role in scuttling this alliance. Therefore, Ajit Singh has decided to focus on the seats of western UP where his party is in a winnable position on several seats.

Besides, the party is confident of getting support from SP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Rashid Masood who is presently unhappy with his party over ticket distribution. Masood has strong influence in Saharanpur and surrounding areas.

Meanwhile, one highly placed strategist of the Congress has indicated that the party may drop a few candidates in case of alliance with the RLD.