Lucknow: In order to bring about a revolution in the agriculture sector, the Uttar Pradesh government is planning to launch a ‘Knowledge Network’ programme in the state. Under this programme, the scientists working with the district science centers and Agriculture universities will impart knowledge on the latest agricultural technology to about one lakh farmers across the state.

After concluding the ‘Kisan Mitra’ plan, the government plans to convey its policies and information to the maximum number of farmers in the state. Under the 12th Five Year Plan, about 5 lakh farmers will be brought in direct contact with the scientists who will impart the knowledge to the other famers. The scientists will also visit the villages to inspect the growth of crops.

Informing about the programme, Chief Secretary of Agriculture Department, Sushil Kumar said, “Out of 92,000 villages in the state, 5 to 6 farmers who own a mobile and take keen interest in farming regarding latest technology and methods will be identified in each village.”

The scientists at the district science centers will be in direct contact with the farmers and will solve their queries and encourage them to use the modern farming techniques.

In this way, 5 lakh farmers will come in contact with the scientists and will further motivate others by imparting their acquired knowledge.

To ease the burden of visiting cities for buying seeds, the centers will also provide seeds, fertilizer and license for farming protection chemicals at the panchayat level.