Lucknow: Supreme Court’s intention to improve the functioning of Uttar Pradesh (UP) police has failed to bear any fruit. The State Security Commission, which was constituted following the directions of SC in 2008, has existed only on papers till now as no formal meeting took place since its formation.

Along with five honorary members, the Chief Minister and the opposition leader in the Assembly are the Chairman and the ex-officio member of the commission respectively.

The Apex Court in its instructions had clearly stated that UP State Security Commission should be strict while handling the matters of human rights violations apart from evaluating the performance of police force.

But, neither the CM’s office nor the members of the panel has shown any interest in the commission’s activity. After getting directions from the SC the number of nominated members in the commission was increased from two to four.

However, as a member secretary of the commission, the Director General of Police (DGP) said that any formal decision should be taken in a meeting.