Lucknow: As temperatures begin to soar, the people of Uttar Pradesh are likely to face frequent power cuts in the coming summer season due to rise in demand of electricity by 1000 MW.

 The demand for electricity has crossed 9500 MW from the earlier demand of 8500 MW. According to the engineers of Power Corporation, usually there is no rise in demand of power in February due to winters but this time it has already crossed the 9500 MW mark.

The engineers said, the current power requirement is being fulfilled by 250 MW received under a bilateral agreement and about 1000 MW of power is being arranged by overdrawal (drawing more power than the central quota).

However, with the approaching summers, the requirement of electricity will increase while overdrawal of power would not be possible as the grid frequency will witness a downfall due to increase in demand in the northern states.

Moreover, the Power corporation of UP is not in a position to purchase power under a bilateral agreement of Energy Exchange due to ongoing financial crisis.

Therefore, the engineers have made it clear that the state will face severe power cuts. According to them, power is being supplied to villages for 14-15 hours amid polling season, but they would not receive more than 8-9 hours of power after the elections end.

However, if the coal shortage seizes to exist, the Anpara C power project would be able to produce 1000 MW of power.